This is my first post to test this out! I’m sassy 💁🏼‍♀️ I’m southern and I’m blessed to be a FREE American!

Sassy 💁🏼‍♀️ Time

Just a little bit about who this Sassy Southern Patriot is! I live in the hills of Tennessee, which I absolutely love! I don’t think I’ll ever leave this small town. I was born and raised here, and I’ll die here!
I was never much into politics. My daddy USAF Veteran, and my husband, who is a USMC Veteran, used to talk politics all of the time, but I was raising 2 kids and didn’t have time to listen and pay attention! As they say, a woman’s work is never done 🙏🏼 That’s the truth!

Now coming into election cycle of 2016, and I saw that Donald John Trump decided to run! I was hooked when I saw him come down that escalator with his beautiful wife, Melania, I knew right then that I was going to vote for this man! I did my own research, asked questions, and read a book on Hillary Clinton, or as I like to refer to her, Killary! 😂

I realized that if President Trump didn’t win, our country would be lost! I made sure to vote in every election, both local and presidential! I wanted my vote to count. When I listened to his rallies (I’ve never missed a live rally) I was all in 100% for Trump!
I saw, and see now, what the DemocRATS 🐀 want for America! They want socialism! They want to defund our police, ICE, etc., and they will stop at nothing to cheat their way! Well the silent majority are silent no more!!!!! As Patriots, we have to stand and FIGHT LIKE OUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT! Stay strong 💪🏼 Make our voices heard! We are silent NO MORE!!!

Hopefully this is just my first of many other posts to keep us all informed on what’s going on in our beautiful country that is being torn apart by THUGS, MARXIST, ANTIFA TERRORISTS, and they’ve taken over the streets of our cities, it’s time we fight back!

GOD BLESS AMERICA! And God bless you!!!
Remember, YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Vote RED 🔴🔴 and save America from the swamp that we want to be drained!!! Keep exposing those snakes 🐍 🐊 And swamp creatures! We all know who they are!!! The DEMOCRATS!!! We can’t let them win! Stand strong, Stand tall, and VOTE FOR PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP in 2020